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    The Inspiration

    This brand is all about Executive Attire, inspired by power-dressing men in two of the world's financial and creative centers. They are the cities that have made the biggest impression on our style: London and New York City. The London York look is unapologetically bold, substantial, polished and strong, drawing inspiration from Savile Row to Wall Street.


    When you look sharp, you feel sharp; and it is undeniably empowering. You walk taller and people respond to you differently; they treat you even more positively. Dressing sharply and powerfully creates an impression that projects strength, confidence, and a handsome, masculine appeal. That feeling is the essence of London York.


    But men of substance don't empower themselves only; they seek and find ways to give back and to help others. That essential value is also at the very core of London York.



    The London York Executive Knot

    Our signature silk ties are cut to be wider; not at the bottom, but at the point where the knots are tied, giving them a stronger, more substantial look. The designs are conservative and corporate with a sleek attractive polish.

    There are two styles: Regular (which provides a substantial knot and plenty of length), and XL (which is Extra Long so that tall men 6'2 to 6'10 / 188cm to 208cm can make a substantial knot without having to tie their tie short or wear a waistcoat). The XL tie is also perfect for anyone wanting an Extra Large knot because there is more material to work with and the width is ample in the middle so you don't sacrifice length.


    Giving Back

    New York City: Agentcy Collective

    London York is proud to contribute funding, merchandise and volunteer time to Career Gear in New York City (now under the name Agentcy Collective), a non-profit organization that helps empower men who are re-entering the work force; supplying them with free professional attire, styling, and guidance so they can confidently improve their lives. To find out more and to donate additional money, professional clothing or time please email info@agentcycollective.com .

    Giving Back

    London: Suited & Booted

    A suit and tie can change a life, and this London charity is daily providing disadvantaged men a boost in confidence, empowerment, and opportunity by giving them free business attire from head to toe. London York is on board to contribute time, funding, and merchandise and is now calling on our friends and colleagues for your help as well. We walk taller and feel sharp and smart when we don a suit and tie.... That can literally be a life changing boost for the men this organization serves. To find out more and to donate additional money, professional clothing or time please visit www.suitedbootedcentre.org.uk.


    - London York Product Categories -

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    Executive Knot Ties

    Powerful, 100% silk ties that are designed to make a More Substantial Knot (See "About Us") without sacrificing length. Regular, and XL (for men 6'2" to 6'10" / 188cm to 208cm)


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    A masculine, weighty collection that includes polished stainless steel cufflinks and 24k gold-plated stainless steel cufflinks to reflect your refined taste


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    Tailored Executive Shirts

    High, double-button collars in either spread or cutaway versions, these made-to-measure cotton shirts feature genuine mother-of-pearl buttons and French cuffs for a sharp powerful look at all times. They perfectly frame the more substantial knots made by London York Executive Knot Ties

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    Silk Handkerchiefs

    100% silk with hand rolled edges, these luxurious handkerchiefs make an elegant statement




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    Bespoke Executive Suits

    Now Arriving 2024

    Inquiries to


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    Bespoke Formalwear

    Now Arriving 2024

    Inquiries to


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  • London York Bespoke Suits & FormalwearProcess Guide 

    All suits and formalwear sold here are designed by LONDON YORK. We select all the materials and precision details so you can confidently see and purchase a sharp powerful look right here on our website. But the suits and formalwear are not pre-made. Instead, you simply schedule a visit with our expert tailoring partners, RAJA-FASHIONS. They are famously based in Hong Kong, and travel internationally to bring you access to world-renowned quality in materials and craftsmanship. You've already paid, so just present them with your confirmation code and they'll take you through the custom tailoring experience to get you exactly what you ordered, fitted precisely to your body. Your bespoke items are shipped to you at no extra cost. Feel free to contact us with any questions about the process at info@london-york.com and we'll be happy to quickly reply!    


    Measurement Appointment with Raja Fashions




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